Exactly 7 days ago, my mom received a call that almost made her heart stop beating for a while.

Uncle Mike met with an accident.
A horrible one.

Mom flew back to Sabah rightaway that evening and Uncle was warded in ICU (up until now).

Sometimes I do think it is inappropriate for you to capture this sorts of pictures. In hospital, dying or died. But thanks to technology, I can actually sees Uncle's condition rather than having to call the relatives that frequent.

Alhamdulillah although he had fracture to his C3, Uncle is doing progressively well. They've pulled out the intubator yesterday and he's stable post-operative.

But we are still waiting for a result that may affecting the rest of his life...


Sabrina said…
sorry to read this news... please accept my condolences.. may ur uncle get well soon regardless what the result would be.

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