He lost his battle :(

The drops of tears on a starry night,
A news that almost shock the world above me.

As we watch you down the casket,
Remember it is not a goodbye, it is just a beginning.

You will be miss,
You and all your whimsical jokes.

You will be miss,

Uncle Mike, Raya 2008.

31st August 1959 - 27th November 2010

ps: Mom managed to catch the flight back to KK on Friday morning when his condition was getting worse.


kerolizwan said…
be strong Shaleen!
Ct SoLeHa said…
Sabrina said…
my condolonces to you and family... your mother's brother?
chezzem said…
kerol: I will Kerol ;)

K.sol: thanks!

Sabrina: yeah yeah. The first amongst the sibs passed away. thanks2!
sHeiLa said…
condolence to u..

we heard the news here in Kgu..be strong

both him and my late aunty are safe in God's hand
chezzem said…
Errr, you know him and our family?

Nway, thanks. My deepest condolence to u and family as well. Read your blog tapi malu mo comment :p.

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