Its getting a bit dusty here, heh?

I know I haven't been blogging for quite a while. And I know some of you misses me *puke* Hehe. But seriously, life has never been the same as before when works started to piling up especially when it is the end of the semester. I know everyone was busy with their own life, and mine was too boring to share with. But when I get so tired and sleepy, I can't think of any other thing other than rest. But resting alone was never enough.

My head got dizzy. I was getting restless and palpating. This tiredness was different. Different than before. I took the usual vitamins, you know just incase. But none seems to washes the fatigue off.

I missed some of my friends' weddings. Heartbroken. I hate it when I miss one. So Selamat Pengantin Baru to Zuel, Kak Wahid & Bul, Dalila and Wish & Shah. Seriously, heartwrenching.

My sister got engaged, finally. If I were to wait until she announced it, it would take forever. So might as well I blurt it out. She got engaged with Bux last Saturday, 30th October at my home in Nilai. Explained all the weddings-miss-out. I was incharged with the door gifts and desserts, so there, extra tiredness. Imagine all the families went back to their own place on Sunday afternoon. Leaving me and Obe alone cleaning up the whole house. Not fun :( I almost almost almost menangis.

On Sunday I went and trained my students for their next competition on the very next day. Shall not disclose it here. I was at MIMOS on Monday for the audition (students) when I got calls from the college. I was told to go to JB immediately for an ISO training. I almost go (I said ok to them) when I remembered I have an interview on Wednesday. Then I asked Mom what was it for since I was the first on the list to go (out of five senior and older colleagues). It was for an auditor certificate. Seriously? Seriously?? Seriously they wanted me to go?? That was ridiculous! I can hardly read all the ISO terms let alone when I had to sit for an exam for it! (Reminds me my mom now tengah struggle studying for tomorrow's exam hehehe) C'mon lah. This has to stop lah. Sometime I do think they were expecting too much from me. Sangat penat sekarang I don't know how long will it stand.

Dugaan dugaan.

Berkerja itu satu ibadah.

Talking about today's interview, erm I don't know. It went well I guess? But I don't know if I would get it and ready to accept it. Because I got another offer to think ;) Tengok lah. Rezeki ada dimana mana sahaja.

I think I have so many to tell tapi saya mengantuk. Sanggup tahan ngantuk for 15minutes after siap iron uniform just to update this post. See you tomorrow kalau saya free which I think macam tak. Module evaluation yang ada atas meja for a week now maybe kena buat besok. In two weeks dah tiga kali langsung tak masuk ofis. Thank God my lectures dah finish, at least for now. I need to concentrate on something else pulak.


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