Kak Wahid's Wedding!

On 30th, the same day as my sister got engaged, I missed a lot of weddings including Kak Wahid's. But fret not cause I went to the groom's side reception on the following week. She got married with her coursemate aka my senior aka me and Mehrul's awesome badminton buddy. Her engagement with Bul was one of the most shocking one merely because we didn't see it coming.

On that day, she was glowing. Glowing as the newlywed couple. And Bul was nowhere like what I'd usually seen, well-grommed, polished, confident and sweet (he used contact lense!).

The wedding was held at the groom's house, somewhere in Hulu Langat. And thanks to the Google Maps I just installed in my BB, we managed to sampai in one piece, phew!

Met Kak Sofiah and her husband (we had planned earlier to arrive at the same time) and here, enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Kak Sofiah and husband.

Dang! Pretty Kak Wahid!

Ok. One post down and a lot more to go!


Ct SoLeHa said…
WOW Wahid..meletop u
+ BuL = Meletup-letup lagik..hehe

terkejut gak bile dorang tunang dl..hehe..

anyway, semoga berbahagia Wahid + Bul

tuan puyer blog pun cepat2 skit..haha :P
chezzem said…
haha kan? kiteorg dah cakap pasal bul pakai contact lens kaler2 dah! ahahahahha.

ala kak sol, bagi laluan orang tua dulu *points at you*

Moumo said…
eh,obe ne study kt usm penang kn?
u both look so perfect
chezzem said…
eh? haah! hehe. junior? senior? same batch? I went to usm too, kubang kerian. hehe. thanks my dear!
Ct SoLeHa said…
bul pakai contact lens kaler pe?? merah??haha

org tua dulu??isk2
ksol muda lagik tau..hehe :P
cikgu, mintak izin nak upload some kat fb, can ah?
chezzem said…
tapi gambar tak banyak pon :|

tapi sila2! hehe

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