My sister's engagement.

I know some of you been waiting for this post. But not that much actually. Geez, I have few more posts to upload actually! Here are some sneak peek of my sister's engagement in Nilai last October. The theme was baby blue and she wore this beautiful turqoise heavy-beaded kaftan (which I too want a kaftan for my engagement (if ada) but since I can't really langkah bendul *cough* so... hehe) and she was lovely as always :)

We had this dessert table for the guests. Well, it was not that fancy as other vendors/planners but this was what I managed to come up with with all the preparations.

Marshmallow pop, my famous chocolate chips, fruits tart, chocolate candies, love letters wafers and Oreo cheese cake.

And also this for the door gifts.

It was a tiring weekend plus all the cleans up, phew!

ps: I know most of my friends are getting married soon but please, it is a long way to go for me and Obe. Although I can see Mommy loves him so much, but we just have few things to do before getting hitch.


sootspirit said…
waaa ada desert table?
aku rasa nak guling2 atas table tuh
Erin said…
OMG bestnye dessert table!!!
balkeez said…
my oh my~! syoknye ade dessert table..hehe..
kerolizwan said…
cute door gifts! cute everything. including the sister. and you too. congratulation y'all! :)
chezzem said…
ahai, dessert table cikai aje. seriously, not that fancy pun ;)

kerol: ahaha. that wasn't me my dear in that picture :p
kerolizwan said…
ahahahha. i know la Shaleen. all i'm saying. you cute too. okay? :D
chezzem said…
oh kerol, that is sweet :)) wait, even sweeter when i stuff all the sweet cakes down your throat. now, that is sweeter ;)
kerolizwan said…
aaahhaah. well put :)) SWEET PEEWITT lah :)

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