Was it a dream, Mommy?

When do you know coincidences are too much for you? How do you know dream is just a dream? Dream that helps in making your night alive (for you). Dreams that filled with inspirations, desire and hopes. And deja vu, is it real?

I had too many dreams lately followed by coincidence and sometime deja vu.

I had a dream this morning right before Subuh, of a friend whom I had had never spoken to for quit some time. And that friend, out of the blue, called me during my lecture, just to say Hi. Coincidence, no?

Last week, on Friday night, I was super tired and hit the sack right away after I finished doing my work right after midnight. I remembered it was not even more than 5 minutes after I shut my eyes that I had a dream. Wow. I am young and weary! Awesomeness. Ok, back to the story. In that dream, I saw my Dad. Me, him and another one. I think it was Abang or Afi. We went to a cemetery. I didn't recognize it at first but when I took out my Yassin and just about to began reciting it, Dad smiled at me and told me he wanted to joining in as well, reciting Yassin on that grave. I stood there in silence. I looked at him and then the grave. This is Dad's grave. I looked at him again, he just smiled at me (ok I am crying now) and poof, I woke up. I stare at the blank dark ceiling, thinking hard but my body was exhausted, my brain was dysfunctional and soon I fall asleep again.

I woke up the next day and thought, hey, it was just a dream.

The next day also I went back to JB. I told Mommy about the dream.

"You know what, it is what people say. Roh orang mati will come and visit you. It is not a dream but it looks like a dream. Once you open your eyes, you will think erm samar samar."

And then I remember, I still remember clearly, one week after he died, I heard his voice calling out my name. It was clear, so clear like he was calling right on my ears. Again, that also happened few minutes after I fall asleep. No dream but I wasn't awake as well. I opened my eyes and looked around and my eyes started to get watery.

We visited Dad's grave on Sunday. As usual we would bring a bundle of fresh flower and a bag of flower petals. What almost made my heart drops thousand time on the cemetery land was the neighboring grave. Their family just made a new grave for her, bigger, with tiles and granites and everything and left a gap of less than an inch between Dad's and hers. It was only 2 to 3 days since they'd finished revamp the grave because some of the silicone was wet and left smudges on Dad's frangipani tree. It is a very packed cemetery, I know, and they should have known that as well kan? Be considerate lah and respect the death. Not your family aje but please sesama umat.

I don't know if Mom was sad but I was.

We drove back home after settled with everything and stop by at Mama's house since she lived there for the meantime.

And then I remembered the 'dream'. And I, 'Al-Fatihah'.


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