What does it have to do with works?

Works have really really piling up nowadays. In a day I got an extra of 16 teaching hours *gasp* and it is not within my expertise so, you guess it. I am googling for the nearest public library now.

And now I am scared. I am scared because I know I won't be here that long but they've started to giving me various positions in committees.

I haven't break the news yet other than my super baik bos and a colleague next to my desk, so.......

I really hope I will be back on the track. I miss blogging. I really do :(

Going back to JB tonight. Can't wait, here kittie kittie!!

ps: been watching a lot of drama here in our office. Note to self: do not trust anyone!


Sabrina said…
so does it mean ur coming to fazlina's engagement too?
chezzem said…
aaaaaaaaa yeahhh! see you sab! or nak saeng? ;)
Anonymous said…
"do not trust anyone!"..agreed..
bcareful with K_J's peeps (especially those seniors) :p
chezzem said…

Whoa! From ur experiences uh?

Ps: I hope you're not from KPJ whom accidentally found my blog *opps*

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