I am a desperate domestic goddess!

A definition of a typical girl when it comes to shopping: new clothes, new bags, new pants, new SHOES.

A definition of shopping for me:

Boring. I am such a boring person. I don't even know how to blog anymore! Sorry for not updating that often. I'd been reading all my previous posts (Well, some of it yeah.) this past few days and I don't know I was 'that' kind of girl. Forget it. You won't understand.

Well, other than I'm being super stressful nowadays after I gained few kilos, I am also now having this massive muscles sore all over my body. I joined a badminton and netball tournament in college and managed to get 2nd place in badminton. The last time I hold my racket was two years ago! I even had to scruff off the mold on my badminton bag.

As part of trying to be organic and all green, I plant my own laksa leaves (kesum) and onion tree. Let's see if its grow after two weeks ay ;)


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