I am fat.

I am on leave since last Thursday. Awesome holiday! Hari-hari menepek depan TV, bangun lambat, shopping, baking and yaey! I hate working. I am a housewife wannabe, remember? *waves at Obe*

Some damaged done to our pockets with food and shopping. Remind me to jog tomorrow thank you.

Well actually, I took few days off to renew my passport since it expires in December. I prepared all the documents beforehand, watched the video for kiosk passport renewal many times everyday, trying not to miss a single thing (I get panic easily in public) and then I drove for 45 minutes from Nilai to Subang airport only to find the building was EMPTY. There was no notice or anything so I already thought I was screwed. If you know me well, saya ada sikap pemalu yang sangat sangat sangat. Malu nak cakap dengan orang :( Bukan malu bertanya sesat jalan tapi saya maluuuuuuuuuu sangat2 nak bercakap. So I called Obe, this close to wept then Obe informed me actually they just moved to a new building 2 days ago. The building was still located in Subang but I had never even been there.

I drove to their supposed to be new office but I stil couldn't find it. I go around and around in circle, wandering every nook and crook of the plaza, gave up, paid the parking and I drove home. Just after I exit the parking area, I saw this signboard to their office, small signboard, and leads me to another parking area. I parked, asked the guard there, and there! Their new office! No wonder tak nampak! Ko tampal logo kecik kiut miut budget orang nampak lah? Ceh.

It was 12.30pm. I went in and ask the guy at the kiosk if its still open and he said yes. I was their last customer before they went for lunch break. Then 10 minutes later, they called. Passport dah siap! Oh marvelous! Patut lah. 2 jam aku berpusing nasib baik siap 10 minutes aje. Huh.

Straight went to KLCC. Wait for Obe to finish his work and had a late (very late) lunch.

But its ok. Cause I am happy with the new passport :)

And yesterday, me and Obe has officially on a meat free diet since:

10 ribs.....

..........gone in half an hour yesterday!

Oh this is my new toy. Obe gave it to me as my belated birthday present! A dream comes true. Now where's my wishlists?

ps: going to start working tomorrow for two days then I am off until January! Yaeyyyyyy! Sabah for X'mas ho ho ho!


sootspirit said…
berapa byk siot besday gift?
cemburu nih!
bukan haritu dia dah kasik bb ke?

hv fun in sabah!
i rindu you la nyah
chezzem said…
Haha. Bb mak ai bagi lah nok!

Oi, dah balek tanah air tak rodger pun eh. Menyampah ai! Ai bawak diri ke sabah lah gni..
annsha said…
babe! bumbu desa sedap kan?? and those tony roma's ribs making my tummy churn! add me on bbm yang!
chezzem said…
I have a thing with all the indonesian food recently :p Everyweek mesti ayam penyet. hahaha! Oh those ribs....... *drools*

Whats ur pin eh? Lemme add u ;)
Run Initaf said…
trus teringat Forrest Gump. hohoh. homaigod.. ada juga lctrr pmalu eh. student tau sure kna ngorat. keh keh keh.

hv a pleasant holidaySSS then!
chezzem said…
haha depan students kne fierceeeeeeee :p

thank you! thank you! hari ni macam monday blues :(
beeRamza said…
shakak! saye pon tanak keje! hahahaha *waves at everybody yang nak isi borang masuk meminang* HA HA HA
Erin said…
OMG shaleen! Lumix tu .... haih tensionnnnn terusss!
chezzem said…
Beha: kan? Kan? Kan? Why should us kan? Hehe eh hello *waves at everyone* kne screen dulu kat shakak ye! Haha

Erin: haha now dslr tu tak pandang dah :p it is all lx3 now! Hehe

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