Introducing the kittens.......!

Remember Mojo gave birth to her adorable babies last 24th October? Yes. I am the type of a girl who remembers all her cats birth date. If only I think birth certificate is relevant for them, I would have one file full with their certs and vaccines passport. Oohhh yes.

Anyway, the cats are adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Sangat super duper cute I just can't stop adoring them every time I pass through our kitchen! They even had their first sun play when I was in JB last few weeks. (I almost type mommy Shaleen, what the? Sumpah aku gila!) See when Shaleen is around sure cats happy mappy!

Two of the kittens colour light brown, almost like a Siamese cat (now who is the daddy??), slightly darker brown on the tail, one hitam putih ala kucing kampung (haha kesian) and another one hitam putih macam batman. Batman pasal sort of dia pakai mask. Will take more close up picture later when I am back in JB.

I didn't bring the camera hence the poor quality pictures.

Now I miss Kika! Awwwwww..........


hihi cikgu, pasni boleh wish kittens n ira skali sebab same birthday!
chezzem said…
haha kak sofiah! birthday kak ira 23rd lah!
chezzem said…
oh baru perasan salah type rupenye yg atas *blushing* kucing beranak one day after, 24th! heheh ok cepat edit cepat edit!
Moumo said…
my bufday same with ur cutey kittens la.
24th oct
mRs sYa said…
i'm so scared of cat...hahaha,puncanya
1.sebab pnh kene gigit waktu tdo...
2.time skool dulu kucing telah kencingkan kasut skool saya...dan akhirnya saya didenda di skolah krn memakai selipar...huk huk huk
kerolizwan said…
you know my type. Batman it is. i mean kitten. Ohh yess. kitten! HAHA
chezzem said…

waah yeee? next time kite throw birthday party together with the cats ok :D


hahaha experience kena cakar/kencing memang dah immune sangat dah. kasut sampai dah habes sume kena kencing. cakar sampai scars pun banyak kat tangan. tapi nikmat ooooooo hahaha!


I think its female! ahahaha
Moumo said…
haha,that's cool!!
sure can
must b fun.haha
kerolizwan said…
hahahahahahah *confused*

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