Me and sensitive skin.

If there's one thing I can't live without definitely is: lotion. Everyone knows I have a very severe condition of sensitive skin. I can't just use any soap or shower foam. It dries up my skin, and the next thing I know I will scratch my skin until it bleeds or become red. Since then I only stick to a non-soap shower foam: Johnson Baby, Radox ond Olay.

Right after my shower I would slather the whole body with lotion. A must or I will die if I don't. I have lotions everywhere, different types different brands. Whenever I go to my sister's house in Subang, I almost had a hear attack you know when I forgot to bring my lotion. My sister don't have any! Its like you cook with no salt. Or you bake without sugar. Its incomplete!

Not only the soap and the lotion, I also having troubles whenever someone grab me tightly. My skin would turn red and very itchy! I can't lift any heavy things and let my skin brushing against it. Few minutes later it would also tun red, swollen and itchy! My skin cannot stand any tension on it.

I can't kneeling on the floor, like right now, my biggest problem, my knees hurt so much! No let me rephrase that, the skin on my knees hurt so much! They're the ugliest knees I have ever seen! Red-brown, white flakes, itchy, dry. It is so irritating! I have tried so many different brands: Nivea, Bio-oil, baby oil, medicated-lotion and even heel balm! None okay. None :( Don't ask me why it has become like that, you don't wanna know.

When I danced few months back, I had the same problem as well. I only dance for 2 weeks but the other dancers had even beautiful knees than me!

And guys, seriously jangan percaya myth tumit pecah dah tak dara ok! I had that problem since I started dancing in high school! I can't step on the bare cement floor too much.

My mom called me from Sabah.

"Oh Mommy ada belikan you new moisturizer!"
"Hello hello hello!" (line is not clear)
"I bought you a new moisturizer! Hurm takpe lah. Talk to you later. Line is not clear"
"What moisturizer Mommy? SKII? *chirps happily*"


I went back to JB, ransacked my Mom's bedroom, fingers-crossed trying to find any SKII. To my horror she actually bought these:

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion and Cream! T_T

"You know Uncle Fred pun ada sensitive skin! So kitaorang pergi pharmacy since Uncle nak beli lotion dia. He said this is good and he can get it cheaper than semenanjung so Mommy beli lah. I told him usually you pakai the one with urea tapi Uncle tak nak. Dia cakap tak nak letak kencing kat muka dia hahahaha!"

And she told me these;

Mom: Eh, kau pun ada sensitive skin? Si Shaleen pun! Syed (Dad) pun ada!
Uncle Fred: Nah... Sa punya bagus sikit. Tapi kesian lah oo Shaleen. Double dose sudah tu sensitive skin dia! Hahahahahaha!

Not funny uncle. Not funny!


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