Baby class anyone?

I have few posts on hold, but I just think the nephew should get his privilege first and hence,

Meet Ammar Danish!

We arrived a bit late to JB and Seri and Abang were still in the hospital so we can only vivit them the next day. And since I had some works to do on Saturday, I didn't followed kakak to hospital and just stayed home finishing my exam questions and prepared the room with Obe. And Mom had to rushed back to Sabah since Mama Keningau was not well.

We were waiting anxiously but they only arrived at 3pm.

Mama cried when she first saw Danish.

And I still don't know how to hold a baby. Abang had to give me a special class on that :|

The proud parents.

Anyway, Danish will be in Batu Pahat during Seri's pantang. I'll be missing that little guy a lot!

edit: Seri will spend her pantang in JB :))) Since her house is under renovation progress!


mRs sYa said…
meh meh...jaga sarah2 ai...huhuhuh
chezzem said…
alamak? Hahahahaha! Tak berani lagi!
yay! tak sabar nak jumpa danish!!! hehe *excited*

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