Hello dear,

reporting live from JB. Eceh.

I was up early today, as early as 4am, took out my baking utensils, flour and sugar and 30 minutes later the sound of my magic machine echoed through the silence of dawn. I know sometime I can get very obsessed with this passion and its getting scarier than ever. What if I get diabetes before I hit 30? And thats remind me ladies and gentleman, get yourself an insurance as early as possible (ps: I just got my insurance card last Sunday). Just in case if you need a really nice and efficient agent, ask me :)

And so did the day before. I was up, this time a bit late, had some cookies order to finishes up before the weekend.

The first cake was beautiful. But the second cakes (I baked in two pans; now that is the source of all problems) were almost disaster.

We drove back to JB after Friday prayers since its holiday for Negeri Sembilan, reached home and quickly browsed through the net for any possible recipes that might be handy. But, I just remember we have no mixer here. And I am super tired and sleepy. And and and....... I don't think I can bake any. And that sadden me even more.

Masalahnya walau ngantuk gilak, aku tak boleh lelap lah oi thinking of the cake! Obe selalu marah. Hahahaha. Nak buat macam mana? Dah nama pun passion.

Oh anyway, Mom bought me 2 new desserts and cupcakes recipe books!!


Anonymous said…
saya suke post nih.. my fav ; )
hehe... - ira
Sabrina said…
Shaleen, what insurance u amik? Specialty utk yang perempuan ke or biasa?
chezzem said…
ira disini adalah agent saya.

hahahaha. aku amek great eastern. yang biasa punye aje. maybe dah kawen later baru amek for lady kot. plan nak amek insurance?

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