I don't know what I'd been up to nowadays. I am tired most of the time. Restless from the works (although I live a couple minutes away I don't have to endure with all the traffics) and house chores. I am getting really really sick with everything that came to a point where I almost shut down.

I need a break. I really need a break.

I always wanting to post something useful here. Some happiness that I would wanted to share. Or some bitterness that I wanted to forget off. But everytime I opened my poor old laptop, I will stare at the blank screen for minutes or hours just to type one word.

Sometime I do think it is insignificant for me to share everything with you but this is my walking hard disk. This is my virtual journal. This is where my future kids/grandkids will read and say "That was Mummy's".

I have so many things to tell. From our family gathering in Sabah, the mischievous and cute kittens to the newborn nephew. Yes, I have so much to tell.

But I need a break. I really need a break.

On another note;

Manusia mudah lupa,
Lupa pada janji,
Lupa janji pada tuhan,
Lupa janji pada teman,
Lupa janji pada keluarga..

Manusia mudah lupa,
Senang; agama dipertaruhkan,
Susah; agama diagungkan.

Berdirilah pada tiang yang ikhlas,
Bersih hati dan putih lalu berserah,
InsyaAllah, tuhan maha menyayangi.


Joanne Juend said…
you will go through this. dun worry :)

in a mean time,its ok to feeling down now. when you're cured, you'll feel alright!

keep the faith :)
Anonymous said…
dey, mari join senaman.. (futsal, bdminton, bla bla bla..) kasi segar sket badan.. ckg lama x exercise nih

- ira jolie-

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