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I don't know why but I have a phobia with cockroaches. Whenever I see one I will be the first one who run the fastest and the farther with one hand holding a Ridsect. I am not a sprinter nor a runner so, that, you will be surprised. Then you will have problem with trying to kill the cockroach because well, the Ridsect is with me!

I don't have good ears. Not that I don't have ears, its just that I don't have good listening skills. But I know the sounds of cockroach is coming. Especially flying cockroaches. Did you know they make sounds when they flies? Cis. Bukan mulut berbunyi lah damn you. Their wings (or whatever they called it) it make a sound. Sound that I wouldn't be able to describe.

I remember when I was in high school, I was asleep. Our bedroom door was closed, I was heavily asleep, and then I could hear a cockroach flew and landed right beside my ear on my pillow. I was trying to make sure that I wasn't dreaming or anything so I kinda swept it with my bare hand.

And my goodness, it was really a cockroach!

It was dark. Somehow suddenly blackout. No wonder boleh dengar. So imagine lah. I was terrified. I jumped and ran and sprayed the whole room. And I didn't sleep in my room that night.

If you followed my Fb, I killed 3 cockroaches yesterday. All flying cockroaches. I have a wet kitchen here which is located outside the house. It is a very small area. There is where I cooked and where I do my laundry. I am kinda phobia again after last night incident.

Today I am being extra cautious whenever I am in the wet kitchen.

I was loading my dirty laundry in the washing machine when suddenly I heard the sound of the flying cockroach. I dunk my head pretty low just as a precaution in case it flew right above me, I can get hysterical. But I couldn't find it. And then I thought it was just the sound of the dried palm tree leaves.

I went inside to get some things when suddenly *plup* There, the ultimate flying cockroach. Damn damn damn. You really don't wanna know next.

I also have some problems with all small amphibian creatures.

There was this one katak, it always there around the wet kitchen area. My mom had seen it quite a few times and she said the katak is my friend :| Kalau Daddy dia akan cakap the katak is some kind of a message or guardian or whatever that it has to take care or me. Yes my Dad is a strong believer of superstitious things.

It went inside once, I don't know how to take it out so I just left the back door open and leave the house. When I went back home, its gone.

One day I was folding my clean laundry, in front of the tv. Suddenly one katak, a small yellowish katak fell on my lap. Phew you don't how how surprised, scared and terrified I was. I was crying non-stop, one hand holding a broom, another with a plastic bag, with handphone on my left ear against my left shoulder.

Obe was directing me on how to shuuuush the katak when he was in a bus to Kerteh. 15 minutes later, I managed to threw away the katak, calm myself and called mom and burst into tears all over again. And Mommy marah just because saya lipat kain malam2?

She called Obe after I put down the phone and you know what she said to Obe? She wanted to laugh so badly when I told her I was crying because of the katak so she scolded me instead :(

And I went to the office with swollen eyes the next morning. Really, I was that scared of katak. Even hingus meleleh leleh gila sampai baju.

Few weeks later, I accidentally step on something squishy, bloody something in the kitchen. I screamed and cried. I don't know what,but I know it was 'something' and dare not to see it. I cried so badly that Obe had to helped scrubbing my feet to make me stop. It was lizard's head. Tak tahu lah kucing mana pi gigit/makan bawak masuk rumah aku.

And, since our home in JB is congested with cats nowadays, I asked my brother to bring Kika to Nilai.

I thought she could help me with all the roaches chasing whatever but I was wrong! I totally forgot she's a super manja veteran cat!

Oh Kika!


sootspirit said…
huwaaa ko bwk kika ek?
antara kucing2 ko, aku paling suke tengok dia
dah la gemok, comel plak tuh
adk sy pon fobia dgn lipas. fobia tahap smpai ckp "kakngah, kalo ko bunuh lipas ni kan, nti mlm2 kawan die datang gigit ko. betul, xtipu" very very funny! how could i not laugh?! haha! and yes, it's me who'll always get rid of the little C.
chezzem said…

hehe haah! tapi nak hantar balek kot. terlebih manja tak tahan ah!


hahahahahaha! itu phobia gile namenye!
Anonymous said…
Mau halau lipas, panggil messi, bestfren dgn lipas
Sabrina said…
Yay! I'm not the only one!
But dah lama tak nampak lipas terbang. Takutlah nak datang umah ko. =P

And this post is funny! I can imagine i can imagine!
chezzem said…
Tapi skang dengan magicnya sume lipas mati sendiri before aku spray. haha. suddenly ternampak bersepah lipas, tapi aku tak bunuh pun! hahaha

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