Part 2: Journey to Kundasang

Sorry. I accidentally publish an unedited entry last night :p Too tired from the weekend shopping! Geez!

Back to the story, so we spend Christmas back in Uncle Len's house. The next day, we have planned everything earlier for a small family gathering in Kundasang which is the kaki bukit of Mount Kinabalu. The last time we the family stayed in Kundasang was ages ago, when we were in high school so all of us kinda ecstatic with the outing especially it was the first time we get together with aunties, uncles and cousins.

We packed our things; clothes/bags, travelling mattress and food in three cars and drove as early as possible to Ranau.

Obe with the horse. Oh, Obe takut anjing gila-gila punya! Hahaahhahahaha! All he did when he saw one was, screammmm! And I had to remind him so many times not to run.

Bid goodbyes to Mama and Auntie Rosaline's family (I almost cried here) and the journey begins!

One hour later,

....almost there! Almost there!

We stopped by at Ranau whilst waiting for Uncle Fred and Appy and had breakfast there. After everyone was there (from Keningau since the other families drove from KK), we went to Kundasang.

We had to park the Kelisa in Kundasang since the road to the homestay was very very bad. All gravel road and there was nowhere Kelisa can pass through it. And we were informed Vios boleh lalu so dengan confidentnya kami lalu.

Journey to the homestay.

To our horror actually, it wasn't all gravel roads only, you had to cross bridges!

And small rivers also! Imagine Vios, kasihan.

And we stuck for awhile. Merely because there was a big slope infront and Uncle Len was scared the Vios cannot pass it through. That was when we decided to park the Vios beside the road and cramped everyone inside Uncle Len's pick up. But the pick up won't be able to accommodate all of us.

While thinking for a solution, we goofing around.

Then what happened? We still have about 10 minutes gravel road, bumpy journey.

Click and zoom in. You will see our homestay up on the hill.

To be continue. Next: Hello Mesilau!


Esteban Granero said…
bestnye kundasang! beb, nak tanya sikit, dari pekan kk nak pegi kundasang naik public transport, camne eh?
chezzem said…
kk bukan pekan. kk is a town! hahahaha. tak baik tau. from kk either boleh naek bus direct to kundasang or naek cab or lagi senang sewa aje. jouney will took around 2hrs, and the road is pretty easy. straight aje. if sewa keta ada banyak lagi tempat boleh jalan2 around kundasang.
Esteban Granero said…
eh, aku tulis pekan kk ke? sorry..haha! aku dah pegi ari tu, stay kat kundasang, 500m dari kinabalu park. ok la, naik van chalet tu arrange kan. rasa rugi pulak tak sewa kereta.

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