Part 1: Welcome to Sabah!

And so I have decided to write about our holiday in Sabah part by part. Because I definitely don't have enough time to write about it! Except now cause I am waiting for my red velvet cake to cool down ;)

We've planned for the trip few months before. We knew we just have to celebrate Christmas there since we were in JB for Raya. Poor abang and Seri couldn't follow as she was in her final month before deliver.

I booked the tickets for Mom and Afi two months before followed by me and Obe a month after that and Kakak and Bux followed few days after that. Me, Obe, Kakak and Bux were in the same flight. I took the day off on Friday, wait for Kakak, Bux and Obe to arrived at my home in Nilai, park our cars and off to LCCT with a cab.

Our flight was supposed to depart at 5.20pm but it was delayed for 30 minutes (they said). Then 30 minutes later still no sign we were going to board the plane any sooner. Finally slightly after 6pm they called us for boarding.

We buckled up and all on the plane but the plane took almost one hour just to take off! Imagine our anxiety. Obe was getting restless. Not that he afraid of flying, but it was just ridiculous to spend so much time on the plane.

And the reason why we were late to get departed,

.... jem on the runaway! Hahahahahaha!

We arrived KK around 9 something (we were supposed to arrived at 7.25!) and Mom already arrived at the airport from Jb together with Afi who flied earlier to Sabah and Auntie Jo. We rent a Vios for few days since we don't have a car in KK except our cousin's Kelisa.

Mom was so hungry she insisted on us having seafood for dinner! And there were where Obe and Bux got wild with all the seafood. It was their first time in Sabah and no one can leave Sabah without having to taste their seafood first!

Tu hung lo or whatever in Chinese. This is Dad's favourite! And ours' too! And everytime a first timer wanted to taste it, I will tell them to look closely when they pulled the meat from the shell, look closely at the colours, imagine you're eating a siput babi. Hahahahahaha! Cause it green bebeh! Hahahahaha.

Happy faces.

Our food for dinner.

We went back to our house in KK, bathed and call it a day.

It was Christmas eve that night. We were supposed to be heading back to Keningau early in the morning but seriously, our family *cough* are not that morning people. But still early when we woke up before 8am get ready and went for breakfast before our 2 hours journey to Keningau.

Yah yah so happy kan bangun awal?

We stopped by at Tambunan to buy some vegetables and that is tuhau. I didn't taste it at all. But Obe and Kakak did! Arrived in the afternoon, salam-salam, had some rest, went to visit Uncle Mike's, Auntie Kate's and Bapak's graves then went to Sg. Bunsit!

Sg. Bunsit is a river (duh!) which almost almost lost its au naturale touch due to pollution. *sigh* I miss the old Bunsit!

Went back to Uncle's Len house and rest before our family gathering the next day!

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