"We believe in miracle!"

I am not that big fan of American Idol. Anything that has something to do with singing, is not my thing. Maybe because I don't have a beautiful voice, that I can without shame, sing in public. Maybe because when I did, everyone will awe in silence.

But its not a positive response.

And I still have to watch American Idol during the audition nights. Merely because I always have piles of clean laundry to be folded. And TV is my best companion until the katak came in. Now please don't remind me.

It was Thursday night and I was folding my kain as always. There was no other channels than American Idol and so I succumbed to it. One thing that made me cried (so bad!) is

Chris Medina!

The next day I was having my lunch break at home and watched the repeat telecast and again I cried so bad!

Oh boy, that is what we called A True Love! And I cried so bad because his fiancée, she is pretty and all sweet and no one would thought she would be like that. Seriously if I were J.Lo, aku menangis gila2! Sumpah sedih.

And Chris, I bet now everyone is longing for your love hehehe.


sootspirit said…
sweet gile lahhhh
tp muka steven tyler sgt distracting!
hahaha he's ugly but his daughter, liv tu cantik gile
chezzem said…
hahahaha kan?? tapi mulut same kot ngan anak. bakal je liv pandai control haha
Nur'ain Balqis said…
huhuhuhu..aku pn nanges tgk~! mmg true love kn??
Cutiesifa said…
air mata aku bergenang sihh tgk pasal chris n his fiance..mmg tunang dia cantik gler dulu..tabik spring lah kat chris!!cinta sejati ketat2!!!
chezzem said…

:( memang!


cantik gile kan? so sayang tau... huhu

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