Where's my new year post?

Hello :)

I am still alive. You don't have to worry my dear.

But since I'd been silent for quite a days, lets do bullet shall we?
  • Had so much fun with the holidays. Went to Sabah with the whole bunch of families (except Abang and Seri sinche she's heavily pregnant now, waiting to pop!). The relatives get to see Obe and Bux. Went to Kundasang for a small gathering. Went to Labuan and met Mdm Amal from KMJ who just delivered her second baby there. Got back to Nilai and straight went back to JB.
  • Got bonus for the year. Thank God my probation period just ended! Not that much though tapi oklah cause I spent a lot of money with the travelling.
  • Rumors of me quiting soon spread so fast! Oh well, let just see later.
  • Dad 1st year anniversary last Sunday. Al-Fatihah.
  • My lectures are packed for the month! Some more I have to teach dance and managed choir group for our convocation, yikes!
  • Oh, I gained some weight :( Boooo! Gained 2 kilos from Sabah oh gosh. Now I am 50. Kak Ira mana Kak Ira? Jom donate blood!
  • Also got sun-tanned from Kundasang and Poring trip. It was hot but the chill weather made you don't feel anything. The next thing you know, you get some burnt marks, smelly armpits and freckles.
  • Yes I have freckles now!
  • And fine lines under my eyes. Now please scream "I AM 25 THIS YEAR!".
  • I don't believe in resolutions but this year I'll make sure I baked less compared to last year. Seriously, all the extra gluten goes to my extra tummy *sigh*
Will post more later on the trip and the cats. They have names already! Uuuuuuuu excited *big grin*


Cik Bucken said…
look more hot n sexy after sun-tanned huh?>_<
Sabrina said…
Gained weight?? Arghhhhhh... benci benci!

Anyway, yay, we are 25!! Tak percaya. =/

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