Part 4:BBQ and Football Fever in 15 degrees Celcius!

I don't know if its really 15 degrees celcius. I just assumed from the shivering, cluttering teeth all night.

After the sun goes down, we decided to do a BBQ about 1500m from sea level (again, I assumed. I googled and so I assumed). It can be the best idea when you stays close to do heat, but a bad idea when you smell badly of the smoke from head to toe. I rather have cyanosis than die from sniffing my body (remember I have a very sensitive nose?).

One thing you should about the homestay (or any other homestay in Mesilau), they rarely have power supply there. What they have usually are generators which can only be used up to 12 hours.

And some of the menu that night was: rice, two different types of vegies, chicken wings, fishes, sausages and lambs.

Yes. Grilled lambs. Obe's and Afi's favourite.

And usually, the first person who couldn't wait and grab a plate was;


She has gained weight from the last time we met her. And so did her appetite!

And it was the night at where the final leg match between Indonesia and Malaysia was held. The guys of course, didn't want to miss it so they made their own mamak style football fever in the freezing night. Despite the TV was no more than 28inch (less I think), they had so much fun.
And the bf sangat over in this picture. Sudah sudah lah tu! Hahaha.

The grown ups gone ting tong already with their *cough* so the cousins gather around the small table for.....

We had to paired up into a couple, mine was Appy.

And even Mom was forced to play with us! Guess who was her teammate? Obe! :D They lose by the way. And so did us. Obey (cousin) and Afi won!

When the watch strike 12am, we surprised Kak Tity with a cake! It was her birthday and one of the auntie from KK sneak in this cake for her into our room.

It was beautiful night. We had so much fun and couldn't get our hands off from RISK. But the best thing of all, we get to gather around our loved ones after so long.

No this is not the final post :p

To be continue. Next: A day in Ranau.


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