Part 6: A day in Ranau

When everyone was done with their breakfast, we packed our bags, cleaned the bungalow a bit and quickly rushed for a family photo. Too bad the clouds do no justice, we could barely see the mount at this time. It was getting windy but the sunrise made it bearable.

Kakak got sick at this time infected from viral fever from Bux. The virus spread so fast among the family members except me hehehehe.

When it was time for us to move on to our next destination, we bid goodbye to the dearly Mesilau and bungalow :(

All four pick-ups went down the hill to Perkasa Hotel at where we parked our two cars; the Kelisa and Vios.

But halfway, one of the pick-up got stuck. The aunties got panicked (hehe) but thank God, Abang Charlie who was driving that pick-up managed to climb the small hill after few attempts.

Our first destination before we get our car was Obe's favourite place. Hehe.

The cattle farm!

And since Uncle Len works with DESA company (they own the place), we get free milk! Yaey! And of course the happiest person was Obe! Oh, those who didn't know, Obe is a big fan or kambing.

Took some photos, were forced to say "Moooooooooooooo";

We went to Poring Hot Spring after we got our cars. Managed to climb the canopy walk, but it was not that thrill anymore. Maybe because I have grown up :( Hot spring pun tak sempat berendam dah kena panggil because everyone wanted to get back home to Keningau as soon as possible since Mama was admitted to the hospital.

Damn air kolam naik baru sampai ankle. Hahahahahaha. So me and Sarah just splash-splash air kat badan sambil gelak.

Oh for your information, the individual pools are always full. What you can do is book cepat2 with the person dalam kolam. Once they're finished cepat2 terjun!

Mom and Afi went back to Keningau whilst Kakak, Bux, Obe, me and Kak Tity drove back to KK.

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