Cycle of life.

Quoting what this one makcik told me last week regarding death during a brief meeting with her;

"You shall never be fear of death. It will come when it is time for you to die. Even when you think you're dying and what's left for you to live is as thin as one strand of hair."

She made me ponder for a while.

Grandma has been sick for sometime now after Uncle Mike's death. On and off she will be admitted to the hospital. Needles puncturing her thin skin (until the doctor said no since nothing left for her to prick), tube feeding and on oxygen support. On and off Mom had to fly to Sabah and burn multiple holes in her pocket. But Alhamdulillah, Mama is recovering now so far.

We have 15 cats at home last week. But yesterday only 14 left. And nobody told me anything. Because everytime they tried to break the news, I would shattered into pieces, trembling together with severe acute headache, blurry vision mainly because the eye tears won't stop pouring.

I am lucky that I lives miles away from home. So that I don't have to go through all the pain watching the cats dies.

It hurts me watching they died.
It haunts me day and night watching they died.

Bruno died yesterday. And I was in Kelantan. I'd been so busy lately. Only managed to be at home from 8pm onwards. And sometime up to midnight. The house chores were still the same. I still had to do laundry, folding it, cooked dinner and sorts. And so I am tired.

I'd also been thinking so much lately. About future: on marriage, study, work, money and family.

Talking about marriage, no I am not getting married anytime soon silly. Mom finally asked me the magic question when we had dinner together with Obe. A question that almost made my heart stop beating. It did actually. But only for a few seconds. Before I said, "Mom, never ever ask me that question again!". "But why??". "Well, others but YOU!".

So enough said.

R.I.P Bruno. So sad I didn't get the chance to introduce them yet to you guys!


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