Mom's belated Brithday

Last weekend was the most productive weekend I ever had. The first weekend I had for this year, the first one I spent all day along sipping through the countless 3 in 1 Milo drink, packets of maggie and various types of fat and greasy food.

I baked hundreds of cookies last weekend, for my nephew's aqiqah this weekend. It didn't ended there. Just a few hours before the journey of hundreds cookies, I baked two different types of cake; assembled and frosting it, as a treat for my students who graduated this month.

I thought I can finally take a deep breath when I has finished my Sabah's post but boy, I was wrong! *sigh*

Two week after we got back to Semenanjung from Sabah, we held Dad's one year kenduri at home. It was Mom's birthday month and since me and Kakak wasn't there for her birthday (I 'bribe' Afi to buy a Baskin Robin's Cake and a bouquet of flowers and forced us to sing a happy birthday song on a conference call.

It was fun but before mom could thank us for the sweet melancholy voice, Afi hang up on us.

Good boy.

So we kind of kidnapped Mom the next day on Sunday(!) to KSL City Mall. Or something I don't remember it correctly, for lunch at Seoul Garden. The mall was packed with people, mainly because it was Sunday and CNY was approaching. We settled ourselves at the restaurant, each of us digging our own food...

...and Kakak came with the smallest slice of cake with a candle on it! Hehehe.

We sang her the birthday song all over again but this time we make sure it wasn't that loud and out of pitch or something.

And each of us managed to share bits of love of Mom's among ourselves.

The only thing about Seoul Garden apart from the super bloated and full tummy was; I had to make sure I scrub my body from top to bottom. I hate going out from a restaurant smelling food all over my body. I can pass out you know just by sniffing it. Seriously.

That was why when we got back to our home late in the evening, rushing packing our things to go back to Nilai (Kakak and Afi left earlier than us), I gave Obe this look that could almost kill him because he resisted to take a bathe before the journey. Like seriously? Seriously Obe? Not enough of suffocating me already?

But he did mandi.

"Nasib baik I mandi tadi kan?"

Tawuuuuuuuuuuu takpeeeeeee! Ingin pulak kau tak mandi! Haha.

ps: this post was created 4 days ago. Teeheee.


Sabrina said…
shaleen, typo "birthday" at the title.

and shaleen, you look "not thin" in the last pic. hehehe. ke sebab baru lepas makan?

It's a good thing kan?? hehehe

serius dah lama tak baca blog ni wei.. pardon my cerewet remarks..haha
chezzem said…
Haah lah hahahahahaha! Boleh pulak kau perasan eh?

I know T_T baru lepas makan and my sister insist on taking a picture, not covering anything around the tummy, semua kena kembungkan and tunjukkan gemuk. Hehe. But actually aku bongkokkan badan a bit so that nampak gemuk (nak jugak!) hahahaha!

And this was in January. You saw me at your wedding kan? So you should know. hehehe

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