Part 3: Hello Mesilau

The family had planned for this outing for almost a couple of months. And that was when we started scouting for a homestay instead of the usual resorts and hotels. Few weeks after that, Abang Brian told us that he found one, belongs to one of our distinct relative (which Obe google rupanya tauke kayu balak).

Mom: Where at?
A. Brian: Mesilau auntie!

"Jangan lupa bawak sweater tebal tebal! Sejuk tu sana nanti!"
"Cukup ka sweater kau ni? Macam nda cukup seja ni."
"Cepat cepat beli stockin jom!" (Oh that was me hehe)

The journey from Pekan Kundasang to the homestay was totally an experience for us, especially to Obe and Bux. The road was almost invisible, almost like a 4WD offroad tour. We were all asking to each other, when we will arrived as all you can see from the roads were bushes, hills and vegie plantations.

The first to arrived at the homestay was those in Uncle Fred's pick up (who drove sooooooooooo fast!). Uncle Len and Vios were stuck somewhere in between and Mom kept on calling us,

"The bungalow is super niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
"Korang kat mana? I don't think the Vios can lalu"
"Park the Vios! Ada sungai lagi nak cross!"

Uncle Len called Uncle Fred and asked him to fetch us up. But he said No.

"Once you're up, you really don't wanna go down"

But he did fetch us anyway. So, there were 2 pick-ups and Vios safely parked somewhere.

We couldn't wait to see the bungalow and this was what welcomed us the other day;

Super nice!

The bungalow was high, situated very high on top of the hill, in the area called Mesilau. It was the closest we can get to the foot of Mount Kinabalu. The bungalow has around 8 rooms (including one master bedroom which we are not allowed to use), one big family area with balcony and BBQ, a dining hall and a kitchen.

It was very high that all you can see from above was clouds and peaks of the hills in between. But it was the most beautiful scene I ever seen! Masyaallah.

Few minutes after that, those from KK arrived so Uncle Len had to go and fetch them from pekan and repark-ed the Vios to somewhere safe. Whilst the others do what we are best to do: camwhoring.

I did some numbers of this hair shots! Hahahaha.

And Kakak took this chance to take some pre-wedding photo but the white clouds behind kinda spoil pictures. Semua jadi over-exposure. And it was a sunny day but you won't feel ! (Explained all the freckles and tan)

Few hours later, they came back. And did some major entering behind the pick up. Tsk tsk.

The most important pick up, food!

When all the cousins arrived, we took that opportunities to wander around the bungalow and too some pictures.

Of course, jumping shot. By this time we were surrounded by thick clouds. Macam berjalan masuk awan. Obe excited, first time! Hahahaha.

It was almost dark when the mount finally made its appearance. We were going to have a BBQ that night so all of us get showered (some not) with the super icy cold water! Sumpah beku gila! We were shouting to each other in the toilet! Kalau kencing tu cebuk kan, sampai kebas hahahaha! And amek wudhu' sampai you can feel nothing on your face!

Sunnset in Mesilau.

To be continue: BBQ and Football Fever in 15 degrees Celcius!


sootspirit said…
eh cantik gile kottt tempat tu!
and the banglo pon cun
huwaaaa how much per night eh?
sewa the whole house right?
chezzem said…
memang cantik gile! sampai skang terbayang! huhuu. tak sure lah. pasal kiteorg free. hehehe
sootspirit said…
memang cun habis lah!
kt semenanjung mana ada tempat cenggitu
oh free ke
dia ada website ke apa tak?
chezzem said…
free pasal related. die memang bukak for public. ada guests book ramai je datang dah. macam takde website lah.. haha tapi if nak betul2 nanti aku tanya cousin aku.
SoL Bling-Bling said…
I miss Sabah..tambah2 mount kinabalu..kat kaki gunung hirup sup panas2..sabah yang lama ditinggalkan..banglo tue nice
sangat cantik gilakk. dh balik pon mesti teringat2 berhari2. hehe :p
chezzem said…
kak sol: hehe kak sol orang sabah murtad! hahahaha

zeratikah: memangggggggggggg! until now rasa macam sanggup lagi berjalan sampai atas altho leceh. hehe
mhh said…
nice2...bleh masuk dlm shortlist nih
Sabrina said…
perfect for my honeymoon! Nak suggest to fee lah.

maybe i am allowed to use the master bedroom??? wahahha
chezzem said…

yes. wajib. diving lisence pun dah ade kan? pastu g manukan!


hehehehe. keep on dreaming bebeh!! hahaha

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