Part 5: Good Morning Mesilau!

I have to break this entry into two parts.

Since we slept late the night before and was freezing beneath the thin and cheap comforter, I couldn't even get the chance to watch the sunrise. To get a perfect shot of Mount Kinabalu, you must get up early before the clouds hides it away from your sight.

It was still dark when Mom woke me up.

"Shaleen, cantiknya kat luar! Bangun lah..."
"Ugghhhhhh......" *pulls comforter*
"It was the closest and biggest gunung you'd ever seen!"
"Bagi camera. Mummy nak tangkap gambar"
*took the camera and pass it to her*
"Wait. Macam mana nak pakai? Show me."

Few minutes later she came back...

"Nah.. I don't know how to use it"

Tsk tsk mommmmmmm!

But she managed to capture this beautiful sunrise which all of us missed!

I woke up one hour later. Washed my face, brushed my teeth and quickly took my camera for some shots.

And yes, it was the biggest mountain I'd ever seen!

And that is Kundasang under that clouds.

We had some quick shots....

Before everyone was all up, clean and fresh and left us the only family tak mandi lagi. Hahaha. The generator was already being shut down this time so imagine lah we had to bathed in the icy water! OMG sumpah tak tahan!

The strong women behind our meals.

And breakfast time.

To be continue: A day in Ranau


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