Part 7: KK and Labuan!

I really need to finish the Sabah entries by today. Like really bad. I have so many delayed posts which I think I don't know if I were able to finish it :p

Okay. So after we got back to KK, we were all dead tired tapi sempat one more round RISK pasal addicted from that night. We were supposed to go to island hoping the next day with Uncle Len's family but since all went back to Keningau to look after Mama, we had nothing to do left other than food hunting!

Let's begin with Wan Wan!

We can never, never get bored of it. As usual my personal favourite: Tomyam! We went there again for lunch for the second time that week.

And of course, seafood!

I thought I have uploaded more pictures of the food, but well, maybe I forgot. You can see it from my Fb account for more pictures ;)

Me and Obe also took that chance to visit Cikgu Amal this time who lives in Labuan. We woke up early, Kak Tity drop us off at the jetty then we took the speed ferry to Labuan. It took about 3 hours journey, OMG! But thank God it wasn't as mabuk as Tioman's. Fuh.

There were only two trips back and fro to Labuan so we had no choice to take the morning and afternoon ferry. We were rushing macam apa je. Sampai rumah cikgu, we spent about 30 minutes there, had a quick lunch before her husband drove us back to jetty. And we were pretty late at this time. 5 minutes before schedule, phew. Luckily right after we sat in the ferry, ferry jalan.

Tapi sumpah we walked so fast and not even had a glimpse all the cheap chocolates. Cis.

Hi Danish Ifwad! Ok Danish jugak hehe but this one is one month older than our Danish.

When we reached KK, both of us mabuk so we had a proper lunch at Suria Sabah while waiting for Kak Tity.

And we fly back to KL the next day. Mom arrived with Afi that night.

Finally finally finally!

That's all dear, my posts on the last vacation to Sabah. I am hoping I can go there again anytime soon. C'mon cheap tickets!


Esteban Granero said…
cikgu amal buat ape skrg kat labuan? dah transfer ke?

suria sabah best, ada satu kedai outdoor yang jual macam2.
chezzem said…
Die still lecturer lagi. Tapi dah transfer labuan ikot husband dia. Tapi tahun ni insyaallah pindah jb, transfer new college ape tah under kementerian kat pontian kot.
Nur'ain Balqis said…
wow! 7 parts & u can still recall every moment? gile! hahaha
chezzem said…
Ahah. banyak aku lupa dah actually. pasal tu entry last2 sume pendek aje. :p

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