This is not my love story...

I don't have a great love story to share. Wait, maybe I do. But let me just keep it to myself on that one ;)

When I was in high school, I was never even once became this hot-to-look-for-in-school girl. I was a bit plump but not that too fat and had this massive pimples on my skin. I was active in dance and sometime sports. Yes, I was active in activities since school.

I did enjoyed going around places; be it for performances or competitions or seminars. It were the only places that I can secretly had a crush on boys since I'd seen boobs everywhere in school. Tsk girls school.

One day, me, Ellie, Sofia and Iffah went to this launching of a marathon together with our teacher. Only 4 were selected from each school (and we got it because of Sofia and Iffah hehe! And we loved skipping classes so much that we would try everything to just skip an hour) and thank god couple students from EC came too!

Ok those who tak tahu SIGS students and EC boys macam made in heaven. And so they said! Hahaha.

Back to story.

I was single at that time so this one boy was flirting with me. He was ok lah. A rugby player (kot), well built, and quite good looking (but bukan taste aku). I didn't gave him my phone number but he managed to get my number from his other friend who was flirting with Sofia.

And he called me every single day.

Until one day he told me he has a girlfriend.


And the girlfriend went to the same school as me.


And she was my friend.


My pet sister's sister!


Eversince then I tried as hard as possible not to keep in touch with him. But he begged me. He sang on the phone. With his guitar and all. He said he was going to leave her anyway, for me.

And eversince then, I couldn't even hear this song;

I would switch channels or cup my ears with my hands. I just couldn't hear this song anymore.

Cause he sang right into my ears every night. Jeez!

One day, I was tired with his endless calls so I told my pet sis. And she told her sister. The night I told her, she called me at 3am insisted on me checking my received call log to check whether that was the correct number of the boyfriend.

He didn't call me the next day.

And also the next day.

Up until now :)

And they broke up few days after that. I felt so guilty afterwards but hey, I don't want to mess around with someone's boyfriend ok.

But you know what even funnier? He became his ex girlfriend's bestfriend's boyfriend few years after that. Seriously?? But they broke up last year. Hahahahaha.

Ok now I sound so bad. Peace!


yana said…
sigs dgn ec mcm bulan dan bintang..
n my bf (tunang ke??hahaha) is ex-ec and rugby player also..mesti die knal mamat yg flirt dgn shaleen tu...hahahhah
chezzem said…
hehehe. mesti kenal kot. pasal die quite famous jugak. tu aku tak berani nak mention kat sini :p

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