Update on the garden and me!

Remember I was being all green and organic few weeks ago? These are the plants that I planted;

Ok. My spring onion tree a bit cacat because it grows but I only used it once :p

Anyway, I know you guys are having fun with the 4 days holiday. Boo, mine is different. I have to work tomorrow and Sunday since the college's convocation day will be held on Monday. I am one of the committee :(

Obe is out of town. To Penang. Tity, Lana, Obey and Sheena are here for a holiday and they went to Universal Studio, Singapore just now! I haven't met them yet except for Kak Tity and Lana. But they'll be here tomorrow to catch the flight back (so convenient eh house in Nilai!) to Sabah.

And I spend both of these two days on baking.

I think I really need to check my blood glucose level!


sootspirit said…
hahaha oke la tuuu
mcm sehat je tumbuhan ko
my mom used to tanam sayur kailan and sawi jepun dlm pasu T_T

nway hv fun during the convo!

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