And one reason is enough for me..

But I'd been staring at this empty page for a while now. Thinking and staring. And then after solat and some weekly facial routine (I am now waiting for my mask to dry!) maybe I can throw in few words, to amuse you me.

Maybe the main reason of me blogging lately was wrong in the first place.

Maybe, I don't know.


I remember vividly, I blog because this is the only way for me to channel every things out. This is my walking journal, or harddisk. This is where I can recall everything (well almost) that happened before. Because I am such a bimbo who forgets things easily. Things like whether I had my 3rd dose of Hep B vaccine or not. Or things like where did I get that nasty scratch on my car?

And so I blog again.

Because this is the only way for me to vent out my feelings. And thoughts. Thoughts that not even Obe could understand.

Just so you know (because the mask is almost dry now), I have submitted my resignation letter yesterday. It wasn't that surprise as most of the staffs knew I am going to leave anyway soon so I have decided to take that 2 months notice yesterday.

I don't know if its a good decision but I need to do something.

It is my Dad's dream to see me pursue my study somewhere but Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, I have gotten an admission to a university somewhere south and now I am looking for any loans or scholarships. Please do let me know if you know any. Because we are not that filthy rich family who can afford all of those.

But InsyaAllah, with God's will.

But let say I couldn't go because of financial reason, lets just hope Allah SWT has some good reasons for all of that :)


i'll pray that u'll get it (because i wanna bring baby to visit u there! haha)

i'll try everything in my power to help.

be n keep positive ya! ;D
chezzem said…
Hahahaha! Good good good! Naseb baek now dah pandai nak hold baby :p thank you kak sofiah! I couldn't thank you enough!
Nur'ain Balqis said…
Have u tried commonwealth scholarship? Aku penah ternmpk skali kt website mane ntah.
chezzem said…
Haaaaa yes aku pernah nampak jugak. Tapi that was last year kot. Rasanya now takde lagi.

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