My biggest fan is.........

No. Bukan Obe. Sekian terima kasih.

Maaf ye sayang. You're definitely beated by;

my neighbour's daugthers. Both of them.

Everytime I went back home, be it for lunch or after work, Aisyah would get hysterical, shouting at the window "Kakak! Kakak! Kakak!! Kakak dah balik!!". And her little sister which I don't remember her name, a toddler, around one year plus would follow her dashing to the door, begging their mom to open the door, to welcome me.


And Aisyah's favourite line was; "Kakak! Takde kek ke arini?"

Oh banyak cantik muka kau. Hehs. Joke.

Their grandma (which I just me today) told me that Aisyah cakap "Kakak Aisyah" means aku kakak dia. Hurm... Lemme think haha!

But the funniest thing was I also called their mom 'Kakak'. Takpe, berangan awet muda sekejap. Thank you Aisyah! Kurang sikit kedut muka 'kakak' eh nanti :)


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