Sunday: Strollers Day.

I'd never thought hunting for a stroller can be this tiring. Last Sunday, both me and Obe went to scout a stroller for Danish. Weekend was supposed to be the day where we would woke up pretty late but since we don't have all day for us, we had to anyway.

I remembered this one shop in Bangsar Village that sells awesome strollers so we went there first. The first stroller that we tried was Bugaboo. And it was the best stroller so far that I have ever tried! But since it was way too much over-budget for Abang, we had to scout for another one.

So we went to Midvalley.

Here was where I finally found Obe's hidden talent (other than his dance grooves that has never evolved for the past four years!); Stroller's model!

And I did not asked him to pose! He just stood there everytime I was ready with my phone, ready to strike a pose.

But this one last stroller, Obe was busy fantasizing about another MacLaren. C'mon dear, MacLaren's car will make our wallet kempis every month. Haha.

We passed by Harvey Norman when we were on our way to Carrefour and I insisted on just checking on the Toshiba's laptop he was talking about. One sales guy came and he was mad with his boss so he gave us a much lower price for that laptop and we bought it, within a minute.

I never had a chance to think.
I never had a chance to bid goodbye to my old laptop.

But I do need to replace the old one anyway. It had served me well during my student's life up until now.

But sorry old lappy, I just need a laptop with a built-in webcam....

Hahahahaha. No lah. But I do think it captured a pretty bad quality picture. Adoi.


mRs sYa said…
so...stroller nya beli x?
chezzem said…
Belum. Jumaat ni baru beli. haha
Cutiesifa said…
laptop pulak yg dibelinya dulu,,niat sebenar nak beli stroller..shaleen..shaleen..hehe
chezzem said…


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