But why did he carried that way?

This morning, when I was on my way to work, I had to pass through this one area near my township, which is in the progress of upgrading the new landscape. They are planting new trees, new pavement for pedestrians and cyclist and rebuild the drains.

It is on the roadside, about 50m stretch from the road, up across until the palm trees.

And suddenly I saw a guy walking towards his motorcycle, 50m from the side of the road, with one hand holding what seem to be a thick wood (you know the one people used to pacak/build houses about 5cm lebar?) and the other hand *gasp*

No. That couldn't be.....

I had a second glimpse. This time much longer (which I almost hit the divider) until I turn 180 degrees sideways.

It was a cat!

Tawu tak yang people carry the cat by holding its' skin behind the neck tu? Yes. I saw him carry the cat, that way.

I don't know if its still alive ke tak. It didn't move. But it can be the cat's reflex. I'd seen it before with our cats so............ I felt sick afterward.

Well I was guessing:
  1. He was the owner, the cat ran and he came to get him. But there were only palm trees there! No houses!! None at all! The nearest was like 1 km from that location!
  2. He came to buried the cat who unfortunately died when he woke up this morning.
  3. He was a maniac, cats killers *sick*
I just hope the cat is ok :(


FurBall said…
or maybe...dia ter run down the cat thendia alih kan dari jalan raya then nak g tanam then tade cangkulthen dia ambik kayu tuh then ada orang tak kasi tanam kat situ then dia bengang berlalu pergi dgn pgg kucing tuh mcm tuh..then ko pon tgok dia then dia pon takut then..then..then...

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