Double birthday with a delayed one.

My lecturer always told me that working life is much much much stressful compared to students' life. And I thought she lied to me. At that time I thought it would be nice to have paycheck by the end of the month. It would be cool to drive my own car. It would be good to have my own freedom, to be able to go out for a late night supper without imagining the furious lecturer with the assignments and datelines.

And again and again, I though she lied.

When I started working, for the first few months, I was alive.

And then I died (literally) few months after that.

And that was why I seldom blog. Because (like now) I always blogging dengan muka nak kena penampar tunjuk muka mengantuk depan laptop sorang sorang.

We have a workshop later this week and I had to punch about 80 tags. At the 76th tag, my punch broke it handle and then I realized I almost hurt my hand too.

The aftermath. I have a swollen thumb and numbness at the tip of it up until now. Great.

It was Obe birthday last week. But it was Afi's birthday last two months and still haven't blog about it hahahahaha.

This time I decided to baked him a peanut butter fudge cheesecake and a proper dinner with lasagna as the main entrée. It was my first time and the last time baking a peanut butter cheesecake because;

1. I am not a big fan of peanut butter.
2. It was too muak for us.
3. The combination of peanut butter cheesecake with lasagna (topped with extra cheese)?
4. I threw all of it after 3 slices (because I accidentally flip it down on the floor hahaha)

But this won't be my last time baking a lasagna!

It was meant to be a surprised birthday dinner. Afi insisted on having a simple celebration at home because of the exam and when I lit up the candles in the kitchen, he jolted out from his room.

"Ohhhhhh..... Cake aku ke??"


But of course, he still had to wait for the lasagna.

Hungry but...

I took a long time to serve him. Remember the extra cheese part?

"Ok. I just have to wait..."

"Oh c'mon Shaleen. You can do better! Let me help you."

See? Easy kan? Hahaha.

And nobody eat anything later that night except for Afi who has tummy processing food 24/7.

For Obe birthday last Thursday, both of us took the day off and brought my car for the scheduled service which took almost half of the day to finish. We waited until 4pm, got the car, rushed to Kakak's for prayer then drove to Midvalley for his birthday dinner treat at Tony Roma's.

But what he didn't know was, I've planned something with his sister and she came along with her family and siblings.

He was shocked but happy dapat jumpa si comel Iqi (kesayangan Uncle ni).

We had a simple dinner, no singing, no cake, no gifts. Because he had all his loved ones around him.

Happy Birthday Obebe!


muke baik sgt afi tgu lasagna tu. happy belated birthday afi!

and happy belated birthday again obebe (bole akak nak panggil obebe gak sbb mcm oh baby!) hahahah
chezzem said…
Hahahahaha. Panggil lah kak sofiah.. Tapi jangan lebey2! Haha

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