Gadis berbaju kurung biru....


Sakit gigi gila. It has been few days now but today I think is the worst! Sampai tak boleh tutup jaw rapat. Sampai tak boleh pronounce 'S' and 'F'.

I wear baju kurung today which is not that peculiar now since I wear it almost everyday ever since all my baju dah rosak or lusuh. I knot my hair into a small bun, wear a blue ribbon headband with one small silver flower on it, clad on Mom's blue kurung which has labuci on it with my A-line black skirt.

Ended up almost 40 people said I am cute.

Including the girl at the McD drive-thru counter!


Kiut? Pakai baju kurung pun kiut ke?

Ok lah terima kasih saya kiut :) Haha.

Ok gtg. Nak pergi dentist. Gigi sangat severe!


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