Oh cats!

Here's the thing.

We love cats.

We do love cats so much.

And I love cats too much.

There's just something about cats that are so serene as if they are the newborn infants. But of course, they did not behaving well all the time. Nasty urine smell, sprayed all over the furnitures and curtains, flying furs and hairball pukes, and the best: poops.

And to have 15 cats at home although can be fun, it can also be tiring.

But everytime I feel like a shit, when everything doesn't seem to be right, I will let them out from the cage and enjoying their silly acts.

Works all the time.

And then you would caught me chasing them all around the garden when it is time to lock them up.

Tutu has given birth to three cute (another kampung) kittens last Tuesday (29th March 2010). Although Mom was happy at first but later she realized that our cats population has increase and the cage will no longer fit them.

But let me introducing you to Mojo's kittens first :) a delayed post.

Batman mask.
Died when he was 3 months.


Looks exactly like Darren (his face).

Twin of Oris except Crystal has black nose.


FurBall said…
gilo kucing..ngeh3...~_~
chezzem said…
semua gilo :p

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