Happy Mother's Day!

I can never live without a mother on this world. Well of course that is a fact because obviously, we won't be here without mothers who go through hours of torturing labor process (yikes!). But what I am trying to say is, Mommy is like the world to me. Yes I am a Daddy's girl (because I love to spoilt by him and I think he felt guilty of abandoning me when I was a toddler), but Mommy is the one who will be there during my ups and downs, for 25 years!

I wasn't the most obedient child.

Story 1:

Mommy went to the hospital to fetch sister back home from her tonsil surgery. Just few minutes before she got back home, me and Afi decided to had few rides along our neighbourhood area. We were just about crossing this one big road when we saw one familiar car was approaching. And it was Mom's. We went back home and confronted Mom who had a hanger on one of her hand.

Story 2:

Mom always send us all to school since we live quite far from the town. It was my SPM year and although she had reminded me to focus on my study and stop involved in co curriculum activities, I did anyway and one day I lied to her that I had to stay back for some extra class when I actually involved in some dancing activities. I was caught lying to her and she was sooooooo mad. Like really really mad! The next morning she send me to school as usual. I had Add Math trial SPM examination on that day. I cried all the way from home to school (which usually took around 30 minutes) trying to find a way to expiate my guilt and before I step out of the car, I took out my hand to salam her but she looked away and asked me to go. Pergh. Boleh imagine macam mana gedebushnya hati? And I remembered my answer sheets were soaked with my tears only!

And look, 8 years later apa jadi kat anak dia? Hihi.

I remember those difficult days we had back then. And it made me realized Mom was a tough woman.

Mom was in Nilai on Mother's Day and she was in good mood that day. She even went jogging that morning! The siblings had this small plan to surprise her for a lunch treat but Mom insisted on having a lunch together to treat us for Mother's Day.

Yeah yeah she was all happy and in a good mood.

"Mommy! Happy Mother's day!!" *cheek kissing*
"Awwwww thank you! Lets go out! Mom's treat." *big grin*

We ended up in The Garden's an hour later.

Mom was happy that day cause she had a free meal that day!

We love you Mommy! We love you so much!


Maneesa said…
apasal kakak tak tau story 1?heheeheh
padan muke kekekeek :P
chezzem said…
Pasal kau tengah bad mood tahan sakit. Hahahaha. Kiteorang lalu depan keta mummy, muka kau masam gile ok.

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