A perfect morning.

You know what I love the most about waking up (super) early in the morning? Its the breakfast. I love breakfast so much that I can have mine at 3am in the morning. And it is never wrong to have your breakfast at 3am. Or 5am. Or 8am. Or 12pm!

My body seems to digest everything to the max during sleep so I always ended up with an empty and growling stomach in the morning.

Despite all this breakfast obsession, I know I can be assure of one thing: unless you've gotten me a buffet breakfast treat, I will never wakes up that early for breakfast. Like yesterday when Mom and Obe tried to made me rise at 7am in the morning just for a morning jog.

Who jog in the morning anyway?

Ok no offence teehee!

I just couldn't lift my butt from bed just to burn some fat. I can always dream of running on the treadmill and sweat for real on my bed just because my room has this perfect facing-the-sunrise-window with no air-conditioner installed.

When we were kids, we always had this once or twice a year trip to KL. We stayed most of the time at Dynasty Hotel because Dad was not that explorer type of person. And most of the time, I always loved their buffet breakfast.

Kakak on the hand hated breakfast so much that she would rather sleep or if Dad insisted on her to be there for breakfast, she came anyway, had a drink and a bowl of cereals and gone after 15 minutes.

And I would stayed as long as I could. Often being left behind. Then my sister would be mad. Because we always shared the same room and the room's key was with me.

But who can say no to breakfast buffet?

We went to Perak last week for Aimi's wedding on the groom side since we missed her's. Drove to Teluk Intan a day before and stayed at or friend's house then off to Bukit Merah early in the morning to treat ourselves for some breakfast buffet.

It wasn't all about the breakfast.

We took a nice long walk around the property afterwards. And kept telling ourselves that we didn't made a silly decision to be there in the first place.

It was not. I can assure you it wasn't.

Because Obe was there.

And that was all I could ask for. His wittiness.

No. That was a lie.

Because I had my scrub and milk bath afterward before the wedding :)


sootspirit said…
lepas brekfes best nak berak!
btw milk bath tu cam best jeee
siap ada bunga2
chezzem said…
hoi! how was vietnam??

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