A victory!

I know I know. I changed my template quite often now. Its just that I get so boring with all the templates *sigh* It has to be perfect, in describing me and the blog. As much as I like pink and all girly (you've seen my room right?), I really am pacing up a bit to the grown ups world now. Baby steps and now I am ditching things that shouldn't be all girly in the first place.

I just had my teeth removed today. There were two actually both on the right jaw. My dentist in JB had been bugging me with the extraction but I delayed as long as I could until one day, I can no longer tolerating with the pain.

I woke up at 8.30am, feeling heavy and sluggish, almost postponing the surgery, had a quick bath, did some laundry and drove off to the clinic around 9am. While waiting for my turn, I'd been calculating days before I could eat Obe's favourite ribs.

7 days.

Plus the trauma and phobia: 3 weeks.


I also had this paranoia with dentist checking my teeth after I'd eaten something. So usually I would brush my teeth, twice or thrice then gargle for extra few seconds than the usual and I won't eat anything until I've met the dentist.

I came to the clinic with an empty stomach and boy, I should have eaten something because it was torturing not to be able to eat anything!

And the doctor was nice and gentle! My JB's dentist lagi brutal than him. I was lucky this time because the lower wisdom tooth had just began getting an infection and there was pus (euuuwwww) which is common.

"Nanah? Serius?"
"Haah. Nanah because there's an infection."
"Macam mana boleh ada nanah ek?"
"Nanah is common. Kalau takda nanah you takkan rasa sakit"

You're not that hot anymore Shaleen. Hiks.

After the surgery, I can't feel anything on half of my face and the tongue. I stood up, walked to the restroom and put on some lipbalm. I don't want people to see me with one sided chubby cheek and cracked lips.

But still lipbalm do no justice because I went to Tesco afterward and got the stares from people. It must be the bloody saliva at the corner of my numbed lips.


muka shaleen cam kena stroke sebelah..hehe..pernah gak MOS,nanah pun pernah,sendiri xperasan sampai doktor tunjuk kapas bernanah..ewwww

dulu kebas muka dan bengkak muka sebelah, gi farmasi tugu ubat..pergh, ramai kot usha..huhu

pas tue,kalo gigi geraham nak tumbuh je trus suruh dentist cabut..rase besh plak..haha.wpun terpaksa menahan mulut ternganga,luka kat corner of mouth.
lgpun free sbb kat buat kat dental school dan student yg buat.
chezzem said…
Haha kan? Terasa jugak pastu cakap dalam hati "Oh macam ni rupanya rasa stroke hehehe".

Hari tui consider jugak nak gie gov since murah siket pastu obe and mak tak bagi. Nanti kena tunggu lama and nak kena tahan sakit muka bengkak depan ramai org hehehe.

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