Who is your favourite teacher?

You know, those day when I was a student, be it at school, or matriculation or university, I'd never thought of appreciating the teachers for what they had done, for us.

In primary, Mom would usually helped us buy gifts for the teachers, she would wrap it they night before and we would give them to our favourite teachers. Because Mom told us too.

In secondary school, I didn't care much with the teachers, simply because I had none on my list, the list of my favourite teachers.

As I grew up, I realized one thing. Teachers and lecturers were educators. They were the one who shaped the future.

And I am one of them (at least until this month hehe). Eventhough the students drive me crazy most of the time,

but I know they didn't mean it.

Happy Teacher's Day to all.
You don't have to be a teacher.
You don't have to be a lecturer as a profession.
We are teachers after all.
A teacher to our own self.


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