During my sister's reception, I was the emcee and also...


I sang!

Oh c'mon! I was freaking nervous gila gila! I didn't hafal the lirik hence I laughed a bit pasal ada salah lirik somewhere hihi. And I had this awesome cousins! OMG I love you guys sooooooo much! They actually helped me a lot! The clap rhythm was actually from their table! I couldn't stop smiling all along the song :)


Scratched off emceeing an event and sing in front of the public when I reach puberty in my to do list!


Joanne Juend said…
Ok. 1st october 2011, please do the same! Yihaaa!!!
chezzem said…
Cukup sekali!!! Haha
Joanne Juend said…
tak. tak boleh. benda baik, kn buat selalu :D

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