Hello I am backkkkkkkkk ! ;)

It was tiring! So much energy had been sucked up few days back that we had two massage sessions just to get our mojo back. But I am glad that everything went smoothly. Like no hiccups what so ever (as far as I know). My sister really did well being a planner on her wedding day *pats her back*!

I am back in Nilai and really need to start packing. We'll be leaving Nilai soon to Seri Kembangan. And the fact that it is a 19th floor apartment unit is not fun at all. No, not fun especially for someone who is an acrophobia.


miss..acrophobia tu hape?? mals nak cek..str8 forward gitau le...hehehe
Sabrina said…
shaleen?? where where in seri kembangan?? we live there too!! eceh eceh.. fee actually. hahahah.
chezzem said…
Sabrina: ye keee? where at? ours at vista pinggiran hihihi. Right opposite jusco. Nanti kau dtg sk boleh roger2 aku hihihi

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