I have it now!

Remember I was telling you guys about this book?

Well guys what? Few days after that Obe came to my house with the book!

I know it wasn't that easy to get that book. You had to order it just to flip it through. So yes, you need to order; you won't find it on the shelves at any bookstores.

Because we went to every bookstores and couldn't find any. We even asked the assistant to checked in their system, no, they don't have that book.

I'd given up already and told Obe to forget it (hence the post!).

I flipped through every single pages of it and couldn't stop smiling all day!

But, it would be a perfect day if he came with a ring. Ahah :D


a ring huh?
mendalam maksud tu>> muahaha
Joanne Juend said…
Tak lama obe bw ring la tu ;)
nowa said…
sweetnya Obe! Jgn risau.. nanti dia datang bwk cincin pulak! :)
Niena Azman said…
ewaaahhhh~ xD ring! ring! ring!! :DD *i'm praying fr u miss*
chezzem said…
I wish guys! huhuhu

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