Making decision is hard. A-B-C is easy!

Exactly one week to go, I know I can't wait. The whole family can't wait for the wedding. I am now back in JB hoping that I can do something like sorting out both of our store rooms, cleaning up the smelly and dirty godknowswhenwasthelasttimetheycleanedit cats house, change the curtains and at least, re-arrange the furniture so that it won't be that boring and empty-looking.

I also brought back all my baking utensils. No more baking in Nilai. But I did left my big oven there as Rush couldn't fit all in and obviously I couldn't angkat the oven alone! Even I had to scratch off my tree pots from my list. Cis.

And apart from that, I am also very scared of one thing. I don't know what to do it just left me stared at the laptop for a good 10 minutes, doing nothing. I just couldn't think of anything. And the fact that I am not good at making decision, with my decision-maker is now in Bandung, forgot to activate his roaming, I am left here again, all alone.





cant wait to go to JB!!! =)

p/s: i loike da pic..! hehehe
Khalisa Ridzuan said…
hi :)
Lisa here.ehehehe.blogwalking.found u thru sofiah blog and ur sister,maneesa :)

u cantik!mcm kakak u.hehee.nite! :)
mRs sYa said…
eh..if u want to let go the oven..let me know...heheehe
chezzem said…
tity: can't wait to fetch you guys from the airport too :D

lisa: hi lisa! yeah saw you few times kt blog kak sofiah :p hahaha. naaaa, my sister is much more prettier than me!

kak sya: hahaha not for sale lah akak. tu lah oven plg besar ai ada taw! :p

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