Goodbye Kota Seriemas :(

You know when people told you that taking care of a baby is nothing compared to moving to another house. It was super tiring!! I just left the boxes in the hall so everytime we had to pass through it, we just nudged in between the boxes.

And it took me two weeks to emptied it!

Of course there were endless BBMs to Obe with different sorts of whining in each of it.

Now, who says moving was fun again?

It was my sister's reception on the groom's side two days before the moving day. And all of our families including aunties stayed at my house so I couldn't start packing that soon. I just prayed to God hopefully we manage to pack everything before the movers came and we did, Alhamdulillah!

But the scary part was, although I stayed at Nilai for a year, I do had unbelievable too many things!

It's true but I am a domesticated goddess. Macam mak-mak version 25 years old. *sigh*

I do regret leaving Nilai because it was indeed a nice place to stay, especially at my previous neighbourhood. I cried a bit and took quite sometime to enjoy my last day there.

And I also left my plants there, because we couldn't afford to lift everything up to 19th floor.

Here at the new place, although everything was so convenient, with Jusco and Giant just few minutes away, I hate the fact that we got two parking lots at the 6th floor. It took us 3 minutes min just to go down. I hate the fact that we had to carry our rubbish bags all the way their garbage bins, at the ground floor. I hate the fact that I had no ground to start planting. I hate the fact that everytime I did grocery shopping or when I had so many things to carry at one time, I had to do two trips to the car. Not fun at all. Or sometime, I would leave few in the car and come and get it the next day. I hate the fact that I had no place to jog. OMG ini sumpah sedih because Seriemas had this beautiful trek for you to jog!

And I hate the fact that the house is so small but I have so many things we couldn't fit all in! *deep sigh*

But hey, at least when I leave the boys here alone for themselves, at least at least at least they can sweep the floor since it has a lesser sq ft.

Now, we'll see. And let's experimenting ;)


LisaLisut said… least u have 2 parking lots..i ade 1 je..kesian bakal husben i nt kene park luar.huhu.

cuma i best sbb tak perlu angkt smpah ke G sbb dia tak bg.just letak depan pintu rumah nnt mereka

ah part sapu rumah tu mmg best.but cannot tahan la.nk xnk kene mop jugak.haish..

oo i have 2 friends move ke Nilai.diorg suka Nilai n siap kata nilai happening.kihkih
Sabrina said…
sayangnya tumbuh tumbuhan!! =(
chezzem said…

Wah I jelessss. Senang ok tak payah angkat sampah busuk2 masuk lift T_T Tak kot ok angkat sampah busuk. HAhahaha.

Ok, Nilai tak lah happening sangat tapi Nilai ok! Ada giant, tesco. My place dekat dengan Mydin and airport so very convenient! Me and bf almost bought a house there, siap pergi tengok show house sume tapi after recalculating our expenses mcm tak cukup since I nak further study dulu :(


Tapi nanti aku bawak balek jb kot. Cume mane yg dah tanam tu tinggal aje lah. Huhu

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