Why labeling people?

Why do people have to label other people?

Its annoy me so much at the fact that people constantly labeling other people, judging from head to toe from what they wear, how they talk, how do they communicate, their manners, but most of all: it is from their appearance.

Why do people have to be so judgmental?

Why do you have to condemn other people?

Is it because insecurity? Or maybe you are just a pain the a** judging everyone around you.

By involving in the dance world has open my eyes. Being around all different sorts of people has taught me a lot. There are so many types of people around you. Different personalities. Different aura that you just have to blend in.

Being a male dancer, it doesn't mean that you must be gay.
Alas, if he is gay, it doesn't mean that he's going to f*** you anytime, anywhere.
Wearing a sleeveless is never a fashion disaster (for guys). And no, bukan 'mat kental' also. Its just everyone has their own way dressing, on which they are most comfortable with and it is not wrong!

And there is a vast difference between a soft-spoken guy and a gay-guy.

Stop judging people.
Stop talking bad about other people from their back.

Just stop.

Because everyone earns a respect from you, from how they've respected you. Take a breath and ponder, are you good enough to judge other people?

Ps: I have a gay friend who likes my straight guy-friend. And yet he didn't even take an inch to get a step closer to him (by asking his phone number etc) just because he has dignity and he respect all my friends. So you (yes you!), what did you do?


Joanne Juend said…
reynold likes sleeveless. no, he is not gay, nor soft spoken. just a super-normal guy. and, he is so so good in dancing.

i hate it when peoples labelling male dancers is somekind of gay or whatever. It makes the dancing art die!

take a deep breath and kentut kat muka org jahat itu! prroottt!!!
Anonymous said…
i think people judge each other day in, day out
but some people just dont know to when to keep their judgement to themselves; which is quite annoying i guess
but yes, everyone earns a respect from us if they respected us back :)
chezzem said…
Kak Joan:

Whoaaaa! Now that is a pretty good example!! Hihi. Love Reynold (in a different way :p)


Well said :) Thank you!

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