Big news!

My sister got married two months ago. And I felt sick just to think that I have to let go my sister one day.

I don't have to write in details about the wedding because she already did (beautifully, way better than me) in her's.

A day after the wedding they broke the news. They are going to Dubai for a few years since my brother in law got a job there :'( And I cried!I couldn't believe I shed some tears when no one else did but I really was crying!

I want my sister :(

Last week, we send Bux off at the airport.

Actually I was just checking on my sister, just to make sure she didn't made any scene at KLIA. Menanges meleleh air mata sampai banjir. Surprisingly, kakak tak menanges like what I thought she would be! But maybe that because she's going a bit later in a couple weeks and spend Raya with her husband million miles away from home.

Ok another sad face :(

Go, go away and leave me, Afi and Mummy this Raya. Because Abang will be in his in law's house this year. Oh plus Appy. Ok empat orang better than three.

But still, :(((

Ye lah ye lah. Nanti aku datang Dubai. Sponsor flight ticket puhleaseee!


Maneesa said…
ehemm ... hehehehe dh practise xnk nangis kat airport :P
Awww on the bright side , lepas ni cuti je dtg Dubai hehe :)
every year we pon slalu balik.

the not so nice for kakak , this year we Raya berdua je and kena duduk dpn laptop utk skype.
Xde lagu raya on TV and movie drama raya.
and kakak kena masak!
chezzem said…
HAhahahahahaha. Jangan buat patri lagi nanti kena skype ttbe dengan rolling pin!
Maneesa said…
aku rasaaa possibilities byk akan ada skype time aku kt dapur haha!

i think skill cooking dh berhabuk sgt...blom lg skill baking :P

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