Iffah & Najhi's Wedding

This post has been in my draft for quite sometime now. Initially, I wanted to make it a pretty intimate post, you know, when one of your close friend got married, leaving you with some single friends (sobs!), it really reminded you 'I should be next!' 'I should be next!'. Nah....

Then when the friend got pregnant for few weeks now and yet the pretty-intimate-post still was far from the blog's screen, the you'd know, you might just totally forgotten about it!

And so, here's for Iffah, whom got married to her soul-mate Najhi last June.

I drove from JB to Pontian with Nana and Nasyitah on 4th June for the solemnization together with her hantaran's cake as per order by Sofia (who is also pregnant anyway). We did arrived quite early and waited for Ellie who came 2 hours later. Hiks.

The nikah ceremony went smoothly and this time I managed to witnessed everything from A to Z for the first time. Nana and Ellie cried whilst me and Nasyi looked at each other and said 'Should we cry??'

We went back home quite late that night and when Nasyi's parents kept on calling her on the phone hihi.

Some of the hantaran.

The next day, me, Obe, Nana and Syima went out quite early just because we had 3 wedding invitations in three different districts that day. Went to Kluang for Pak Lah's first before and arrived at Iffah's around noon just in time before the groom's arrival.

Had a huge fight with Obe, because of him we missed the last wedding :( but who cares (I care anyway).

Obe and Najhi always with their inside jokes.

Pretty Iffah!

One thing you should know about Jie is................ he has a big family! Like really really big! Obe has 8 siblings and I thought wow! Jie has 11 siblings! And I almost fainted there!

To Iffah and Najhi, congratulations on the wedding (although lambat) and also for the pregnancy! Yaeyyy! Sorry no sobby post, pasal cerita dah basi hahahaha.


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