Kookies for sale!

You know what, the first time I start baking it wasn't for others. It was for me. Because I had this enormous craving that sometime I had to bake, for myself.

Then when my father got sick, I had all the chance to test a new recipe as guests keep on coming and well, we had to serve something other than the famous 'caya' (milk tea).

I keep on baking as that was what made me sane for a moment.

But I do believe that I should bake for others and not just for myself and I shouldn't sell my cakes as that against my own principle, at first. But then after few times I had few *cough* shortage of money from buying all the baking goods that I decided to start selling them.

And nothing beats the satisfaction from all the customers! Alhamdulillah!

So for this raya, as usual, I will be taking order for my famous chocolate chip. I do take order from both in Klang Valley or JB so no worries lovelies :) I will just paste from my facebook album info here if I may (malas nak type lagi).

Hello Guys (and ladies *cough*)!

I will be selling my chocolate chip cookies as usual this year for Raya :) Limited to only two types of cookies:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies - the basic chocolate chip cookies you may found but do not underestimate it!

2. M&M's Chocolate Chip Cookies - Kids loved it! And adults too!

Anyway, if I can find sometime to bake and upload the third cookies, InsyaAllah, you will have more choices to pick!

For the first batch order (Klang Valley area), order will be closed on 15th August 2011 and cookies can be collected either at Seri Kembangan (after working hours) or Menara Celcom, Jalan Semarak KL (during working hours) or maybe few area depending on our availability starting 21st August onwards.

For the second batch order (JB area), order will be closed on 20th August 2011 and cookies can be collected at Taman Rinting or nearby area depending on our availability starting 24th August 2011 onwards.

Payment must be made before the closing date. PM/SMS or email to kookies.order@gmail.com for more information or to order ;)

ps: Satisfaction guarantee! Sumpah tak tipu hihi.

Anyway, I also take order for Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Brownies and few other cakes for raya also. T&C applies as I will only bake the cake one day before raya to maintain its' quality. PM/SMS/Email for more info ;)
50 pcs
RM 27

50 pcs
RM 30

Hope to hear from you soon :) InsyaAllah, satisfaction guarantee!


Yeah bli2 jgn xbli!as expected,2 balang dah tinggal 5pcs before puasa started!tu pun akak sorok dlm bilik,kalau biar kt dapur,kak net melantak sorg2.
chezzem said…
sooooooooo boleh order lagi untuk raya! hahahahaha this time kak sofiah tak boleh makan!
E`n1x said…
darn i only just realized this. LOL.
chezzem said…
Haha too bad!

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