Ramadhan & Me

There's just something about celebrating Ramadhan at home. Or maybe there's just something about staying here at our home in JB after Dad's passing. Its just every nook and crook just reminded me of him. Of every single chores that I did, I would take a few seconds to digest the memories.

When we were kids, Dad wasn't always here in JB. And so did Ramadhan (once during Raya!). So when he came back from Sabah to spend a few days with us, I remembered vividly, Daddy hold on to a strict principle parenting. All of us need to be there, at our dining table during sahur. No excuses eventhough if you had menses on that day. No one likes nasi campur early in the morning right after you woke up kan? So Mummy would usually prepared some soup so we could just sip everything on our plates. Then we had a cup of warm Milo right after that. Oh masa ni perut memang penuh rasa nak muntah kena habiskan Milo. Daddy would called all of us to the living hall and he would lead our niat puasa for that day before we hit the sack.

I don't remember when exactly did I start fasting but form1 pun still boleh ponteng-ponteng. But when Daddy was around, jangan harap nak half-day! No one dares to break-fasting dan dan tu before iftar.

And we don't eat rice and lauk-pauk during iftar. Its just that, Daddy always prepared a dinner a bit later after iftar.

Staying at home goyang kaki kat rumah (well not exactly goyang kaki except during my Harry Potter marathon or Star World session), selalu teringat Daddy. Back then after morning prayer, Mummy would wake me up to teman Daddy at his room while she went to work. When Dad wakes up, I would prepared him breakfast, let go the cats, clean the poops, clean the garage, sapu mop rumah, cooked some lunch, fed Daddy, start menyumpah ada kucing kencing bersepah (sumpah stress!), cuci baju, teman daddy, lipat baju and bla bla bla the cycle went on everyday.

I was quite surprised that nowadays I am not that rajin as before. Cleaning the cats' poops would take forever! Usually buat after Mummy suruh or bila bau dah kuat or bila kucing bising. I will only do laundries after a couple of days (membazir cuci baju sikit sangat konon hehe) and I didn't mop the house everyday! Sumpah penat. Cuba kau mop sini mau tak berpeluh sakan.

But anyway I hope I can get the rhythm back because if I didn't move a single muscle, I'm afraid instead of losing weight, I would gain few kilos this Ramadhan! Erkk...

Just something to share with you guys, I think this is the tranquil Ramadhan I have ever had! Seriously I am all smiling ear to ear everyday. Less complaints. Less lose temper all of sudden. Less arguing with Obe. Less less lesss lesssssss, which is good kan? Alhamdulillah hopefully this would last forever because I know nobody can stand a hot-temper hot-chick. Eh?

Happy Ramadhan guys :)


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