Belle's Engagement

I have another post (the last actually before Ramadhan started) of a friend's engagement. Yes, the pretty gorgeous sweet hot english lecturer got engaged with her *cough* 'few months' boyfriend! Hahaha. Well, dah jodoh. Kalau sekejap, then sekejap aje lah jodoh tu datang :)

But Belle @ Balqis is really a one tough lady. Gosh, I couldn't imagine being in her shoes during those time, ah well, tak boleh bagitahu you guys here!

Anyways, Belle went to the same secondary school as me! Although we lived in two different areas, we rode the same bus to school just for a short time because I cannot tahan naik bus at 10.30am for an afternoon class. And, she was one of our dancers in school! So we always stayed back together, sama sama juling mata pasang manik at bengkung, then we would wait for this particular one bus; 140, because that was the only bus that pass through her house and mine. Oh my sangat rindu those days. Hihi.

I had a wedding in Pasir Gudang on that day so I was quite rushing to arrived on time at her house. Fetch Syima, arrived few minutes later and people were reciting Yassin at the hall. Rupanya the event start a bit later around 3.30pm. Phew!

Some of the hantaran:

The food was good! Luckily I was full kalau tak memang semua food aku makan. Nasi Turkey, Kek Lapis Johor (kan Belle?), OMG I just love coming to her house every year because of the food!

The engagement was simple, from the attire (which was borrowed from her auntie's nikah dress), the flow, the pelamin and even the future groom was not allowed to enter the house! Hahaha. But everything on that day was sweet and personal, and very intimate! Alhamdulillah..

Congratulation Belle! I am happy for you and couldn't wait for January! Alamak, hopefully dapat datang, hihi.


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